Music Manners & More

Teach Children Good Habits & Manners

Music Manners and More

Music Manners And More is a musical ebook by William Viehmeyer of SOS Jingles, to teach and guide our children.  Songs delight children and can help them to remember and this collection of songs make it fun!

Teaching our children should be fun for us and them.  Guiding them is a responsibility we as parents embrace.  Good Manners and Tips for dealing with life’s problems can help them.  Songs can help them cope and teach them lessons too.

Written by William Viehmeyer of SOS Jingles.

Songs included are:

  • Wash Your Hands
  • Clean Your Room
  • Its Better To Ask
  • Bullies are Bad
  • I Can’t Go To Sleep
  • Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Most ePub readers are not able to play music.  You can read this in any ebook reader but to get the full benefit of this ebook with the music use the FREE Kotobee Reader.

Or you could order the physical Music Manners & More for $10 plus shipping. It includes a music CD.

Here are samples…

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