Introducing Bill Viehmeyer

sos jingles

Sound of Success Jingles provides you with a creative informative and most of all cost-effective vehicle that will assist you with your company, your website, and your advertising. The list of applications is endless. WHY?……. to Promote, Enhance, and to Advocate who you are and what you do.

We have been working in the music industry since 1978, doing jingles and commercials since 1984, and received our first award in 1985. In our earlier years we did a lot of freelance work in the Gulf Coast area of Florida working with ad agencies as we built our reputation and our portfolio of advertising tunes.

We then expanded our territory to one on one presentations collaborating with small business owners to increase sales volume and establish corporate branding identification. In recent years we have relocated to the Philadelphia area, composing both national and local jingles, and audio spots that have proved both effective and entertaining. First Radio, then TV, and now custom music for your website.

​It has always been our endeavor to create a custom commercial that fits YOUR BUDGET. We would be happy to hear your ideas and target them to give you the best representation for your money.

Please go to our Portfolio page to hear some examples of our jingles and commercial spots, pure “Audio Artistry”! We hope you agree.

Thank you
Bill Viehmeyer

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